“Providing Technology Solutions for Total LTL Freight Optimization and Cost Reduction”

Goals and Objectives of SLG customers:

Cost reduction

by becoming part of our national LTL freight consortium

Total Freight Optimiztion

by utilizing our proprietary TMS at no additional cost

Permanently Lock-in

a savings benchmark for your current LTL rates/pricing

Retain total Control

of all LTL operations

Utilize Our Services

at no additional cost with no associated fees, retainers, or expenses



binding obligation

Services SLG Customers Receive:

Free web access

and no obligation trial of our proprietary TMS

Leverage Direct pricing

through technology and the combined buying power of the consortium

Automated BOL creation

and barcoding of Pro# and PO# on BOLs and skid labels


Automated inbound/outbound

routing, tracking, tracing, exception scans, PODs, and carrier notification for pickup


FREE Carrier invoice auditing

and corrections at no additional cost for all LTL shipments

AP control & automation

of LTL/Truckload invoice payments directly to carriers

Proprietary TMS is SAP, Oracle, or

any ERP integratable at no additional cost

Tailored web-based

freight management reports
Let us Help you Grow

As you can see

we provide our customers in-house options and opportunities while allowing them to retain total control of running their business. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your SLG Sales Associate directly or our Sales Department at 888-579-5445.

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