“Providing Technology Solutions for Total LTL Freight Optimization and Cost Reduction”


Goals and Objectives of SLG Customers:

  • Cost reduction through technology and the combined pricing leverage of the Consortium
  • Total LTL freight optimization by utilizing our proprietary TMS at no additional cost
  • Eliminate Dimensional/Density Reclassification of freight
  • Lock-in a savings benchmark for your current LTL rates/pricing
  • Retain total and absolute control of all LTL operations
  • Utilize our services at no additional cost with no associated fees, retainers or expenses
  • No binding long term obligation

Services SLG Customers Receive:

  • Free web access and no obligation trial of our proprietary SLIMS
  • Direct pricing from a list of over 50 US and/or 7 Canadian LTL carriers
  • Automated creation of BOLs, and barcoding of Pro# & PO# on BOLs and skid labels
  • Automated inbound/outbound routing, tracking, tracing, exception scans, PODs, density based dimensional pricing input and carrier notification for pickup
  • Carrier invoice auditing, corrections and claims processing at no additional cost
  • AP control and automation of LTL/Truckload invoice payments directly to carriers
  • Proprietary TMS is SAP, Oracle, WMS or any ERP integratable at no additional cost
  • Tailored web-based freight management reports
  • Freight Volume Growth Incentive Program

Southern Logistics Group